Week 10 Topic: Evaluating technologies and online resources.

This week we turn our attention to evaluating technologies and online resources. There are different frameworks available for teachers to use to determine value, so we will explore a few of these. We will explore some of the factors that influence our selection of different tools when we are teaching. You will  examine digital literacy – there will be definitions and examples to look at.

  • Your Blog (assessment 3) is due to be complete ready for sharing next week so you should be finishing it and adding final touches to it by now. The sooner you share it the sooner you can access some feedback and complete this assessment.
  • Textbook

    The reading from the textbook (Howell, 2012) is Chapter 6.
  • Additional Reading

    The additional readings this week are two examples of evaluation rubrics:

    The Technology Integration Matrix (TIM)

    Website: 4 rubrics to evaluate education apps

  • Vodcast

    You have one video to watch this week:

    1. The lecture video
  • Personal Blog (Assessment Item 3)

    Just to make it easier, follow this link to WordPress to work on your personal blog. Remember you will need your username and password.
  • Learning Activities (Discussion Board)

    This week your online tasks are:

    1. This week you will be focusing on evaluating technologies and apps. Spend some time looking at the 2 weblinks (TIM & 4 rubrics to evaluate apps).
    2. Select one of the following apps and use one of the rubrics to evaluate it:
      • Popplet
      • Edmodo
      • Evernote
      • Socrative
      • Any others? e.g. android apps?

    Now answer the following questions:

      • Does the rubric work?
      • What is missing?
      • What does it tell you about the app?
      • Was it useful?
      • What would you change?

    Share your findings on the discussion board.

    Try developing your own rubric to use with websites – imagine a rubric that a teacher could use to evaluate websites. This could be uploaded to your Blog and used as this weeks topic to reflect upon.

    3.  Any questions? Post them to the discussion board.

  • Review

    This week you have explored several new topics. Review some of these experiences and see if you can answer these questions:

    What do you need to consider when selecting technology or online tools to use in the classroom?

    What is a rubric?

    How can we use TIM?

    Do we need to evaluate all the technology resources we plan to use in teaching? Why?

  • What to do next

    This week there are a few tasks you should be working on:

    1. Finalise your Blog (assessment 3)
    2. Re-visit the Blog rubric – run a critical eye over your Blog against this document. Is there anything you need to change?

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