Week 9 Topic: The nature of schooling in a digital age

Welcome to the third and final module where we are switching focus from living and learning in a digital world to teaching in a digital world. We will start off by looking the impact technology has had on classrooms, ranging from the all important blackboard to the typical technologies we find in them now. We will have a look at some digital alternatives to traditional classroom such as Flipped Classrooms and virtual worlds. You will also be examining some policy documents from other countries as we examine the emphasis that schooling systems around the world are placing on technology in education.

This week you should read chapter 2 from the textbook plus an online Blog that looks at how Singapore is using technology in its schools.

. Textbook .
textbook The reading from the textbook (Howell, 2012) is Chapter 2. Digital Blogger.com
. Additional Reading .
add reading The additional reading this week is:

Blog: The Daily Riff The 12 Top Technologies in Education

. Vodcast .
watch video icon You have a few choices of videos to watch this week:

1.The lecture video
2.Quick Prezi Guide: Using Prezi
3.Comprehensive How to use: Prezi. See some extra video tips for Prezi here

. Personal Blog (Assessment Item 3) .
BlogsJust to make it easier, follow this link to WordPress to work on your personal blog. Remember you will need your username and password.
. Peer Marking Activity .
marking This week you will share your blog with your peers, you will mark and provide feedback to two of your peers. Using the rubric mark two Blogs and provide constructive feedback.

# Remember the feedback is to help your peers improve their blogs prior to submission.

# Please remember to keep copies of the two rubrics you complete and upload them to your blog as evidence, this is a requirement for your assessment.

Blog_Rubric_Peer Marking.docx

. Learning Activities (Discussion Board) .
regional This week your online tasks are:

1. This week you will be making a Prezi presentation – so spend some time watching the How to use: Prezi video if you haven’t made one before.

2. Prezi Task: Select one of the 12 TED videos based on “Re-imagining School”.

Watch the video, then prepare a short 5 minute Prezi presentation based on the key concepts or ideas. Upload these links to the discussion board with a few words of introduction so that your peers can watch them. Watch at least one other persons Prezi and leave some comments. You should also upload a link to your Prezi on your Blog.

3. Discussion starter: How different do you expect teaching and learning in schools to be when you graduate? Will we realize the visions and ideas presented in the TED talks? Brainstorm ideas, and then evaluate advantages and disadvantages. Share your ideas on the discussion board.

. Review .
review This week you have explored several new topics. Review some of these experiences and see if you can answer these questions:

What are some of the ways that technology has changed classrooms?

What is a flipped classroom?

What is Prezi?

How are other countries using technology in their education systems?

Is the addition of technology to classrooms an improvement? Explain your ideas.

. What to do next .
What to do next This week there are a few tasks you should be working on:

1. Completing your essay due Friday 2 May.

2. Working on your Blog (assessment 3) Re-visit the Blog rubric – run a critical eye over your Blog against this document. Is there anything you need to change?


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