Week 12 Topic: Digital Teachers

Being a digital teacher is our last major area. We examine how to be prepared to teach in a digital world and the types of skills we will need. You will look at the three different pedagogical strategies set out in the textbook – paying careful attention to the one that matches your phase of schooling. There will be definitions to learn and we will tie together the three modules from the unit; digital participation, digital learning and digital teaching.

This week you should read either chapter 7, 10 or 13 from the textbook. Select the one that matches your program or phase of learning. If you have time, read all three chapters. Plus there is an education policy to look at online.

Don’t foget to submit your WordPress blog (Assessment 3) on Wednesday.

. Textbook .
textbook The reading from the textbook (Howell, 2012) is Chapter 7, 10 or 13. Choose the one to match your chosen teaching area or read all three. Digital Blogger.com
. Websites .
websites This week there is one website for you to visit, read and explore before the workshop:

The Digital Classroom – Smartclassroom framework

. Vodcast .
watch video icon You have three videos to watch this week:

1.The lecture video
2.How to use: Survey Monkey
3.How to use: eValuate

. Learning Activities (Discussion Board) .
regional This week your online tasks are:

1.This week you are going to create a digital survey using Survey Monkey. You need to join the site, select the free version and create a short 12 question survey. It should be for pre-service teachers like yourself and develop questions on one of the following topics:

◦Digital skills
◦Learning with digital technologies
◦Teaching with digital technologies
◦Preparing students to be digitally fluent
Before you start spend some time thinking about your questions, the answers you want to collect and the types of questions best suited for this (e.g. MC, Cloze). Once you have created your survey, share the link with your peers via the discussion board. Try doing some of the surveys your peers create.

2. Discussion starter: When you are sharing your link to your survey, answer the following questions: How can we use electronic surveys in our teaching?

. Review .
review This week you have explored several new topics. Review some of these experiences and see if you can answer these questions:

Can you define digital pedagogy?

How could you use Survey Monkey (or similar programs) in teaching and learning?

Why should we use digital technologies in teaching and learning?



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