Week 11 Topic: Digital Issues

This week we explore some very topical issues such as cyber bullying, identity theft and what it means when things go viral. There are some definitions and you will explore to see if the media has exaggerated these negative behaviours associated with social media. We will discuss how these issues impact on schools and students.

We will be creating a poster this week on digital issues so think about how you design a creative, visually appealing poster.

. Online Reading .
add reading The readings this week are all online:

Web Trends: What does it mean to go viral?

NY Daily News: Cyberbullying led to suicide

The Montreal Gazette:Cyberbullying Bill

. Websites .
websites This week there are six websites for you to visit, read and explore before completing this week’s learning activities:

Cybersmart: Cyberbullying

Resources for Cyberbullying

Youth Beyond Blue: Cyberbullying

Cybersmart: Identity Theft

List of Cyber Issues

Creating effective poster presentations

. Vodcast .
watch video icon You have three videos to watch this week:

1.The lecture video
2.How to use: Word to make a poster
3.How to use: converting a file to pdf

. Learning Activities (Discussion Board) .
regional This week your online tasks are:

1.Spend some time watching the videos and looking at the different websites concerned with cyberbullying and identity theft.
2.Your task is to create a poster that you could use in a classroom on the topic of cyberbullying. It must cover the following aspects:
◦Define what cyberbullying is
◦Provide examples of the different ways technology canbe used to cyberbully an individual
◦Have links to sites that provide further information and help
◦Have steps what to do if it happens to you
◦Be colourful and visual
◦Use a program you are familiar with, such as Word, and save it as a pdf. Then upload it to your personal Blog.
3.Any questions or problems? Post them to the Discussion Board.

. Review .
review This week you have explored several new topics. Review some of these experiences and see if you can answer these questions:

What are some of the negative online behaviours that have emerged with social media?

What is cyber bullying?

How can we teach our students to be more critical users of social media?

What can we do as teachers to prevent cyber bullying from occurring in our classrooms?


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