Week 7 Topic: Digital Blurring

In week 1 you were asked the question, are you more digital in some parts of your life than in others? Most of us would probably say yes. In our private life we might be online gamers, or heavy users of Twitter or Facebook. Do you think any of the skills we have from those habits can carry over and be used in learning? Many researchers are starting to think yes. So this week we will explore this topic. We are going to focus on four areas, gaming, blogging, virtual worlds and language so start thinking about these topics. If you do any of these regularly, think about what you learn and how that might be used in other areas, you might be surprised by what you discover!

You will need to read chapter 12 from the textbook which looks at this topic in a lot more detail and there is a really interesting TedTalk to watch where Jane McGonigal explains how gamers will probably save the world! A big statement to make.


The reading from the textbook (Howell, 2012) is Chapter 12.


You have three videos to watch this week:

  1. The lecture video
  2. TedTalks Video: Jane McGonigal – Gaming can make a better world
  3. How to use: Sploder
  4. How to use: Online games (an example)
Learning Activities (Discussion Board)

This week your online tasks are:

This week we explore digital blurring and how the activities we engage in may spill over between our personal and professional lives. We are going to look at gaming, so watch the videos first this week.

1. Your task is to create your own online game using Sploder, so watch the How to video then go to the website and try your hand at game development. Share your link with the rest of the group via your group discussion board, plus put the link on your personal blog. Your reflection this week should be about gaming and its possible use in teaching and learning.

2. Any questions or problems? Post them to the discussion board. Further information about education gamification can be found here.


This week you have explored several new topics. Review some of these experiences and see if you can answer these questions:

What do we mean by the phrase digital blurring?

What skills do we learn from online gaming? Virtual worlds? Blogging?

How do these skills transfer into other areas of our lives?

What is Sploder?

How could you use virtual worlds or online gaming in a classroom setting?



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