Week 1 Topic: What is a digital world?


This week we will explore the idea of the digital world. This term, and similar terms, are used commonly in popular language, but what do they mean? We’ll explore some definitions. We’ll also explore the different digital worlds you live in: your personal digital world; your learning personal world as a student; and your professional digital world when you graduate. This unit is organised around these three ideas.

We will help you to understand what sense of place means, and why we need to change and adapt to the digital world. We’ll think about mobile technologies and how these are changing our lives. You’ll need to read chapter 1 of the textbook, and view some thought-provoking videos to give you some background to the discussion.


Chapter 1 Textbook: Howell, Jennifer, (2012) Teaching with ICT: Digital pedagogies for collaboration and creativity, Oxford University Press, South Melbourne, Australia .




Learning Activities (Discussion Board)

1. Post a video of yourself with your favorite digital device on the Discussion Board and explain what it is and what you use it for. If movie making is a bit too much too soon, you may post your initial response as a picture of yourself with a written commentary! Looking at what other students post, do you share any notable similarities or differences in terms of the digital devices and/or the way in which you use them?

2. After reading the Goldberger article, think of an example where you have experienced disconnected urbanism. Do you often go about your day without taking notice of where you are? Do you ever feel as though people around you are disconnected? Once you post your own reflection to the Discussion Board, review other group members submissions and comment on whether you see their disconnect (or disconnect that they observe in others) as a positive or a negative attribute of the digital world.


This week you have explored several new topics and technologies. Review some of these experiences and see if you can answer these questions:

Can you define the phrase digital world?

How digital are your different worlds?

How have mobile technologies changed our lives?

Why do we need to change and adapt to the digital world?

How can we use video (making and watching) in the classroom?


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