Blog Peer Review

Peer Response to two rubrics received for this blog:
Peer reviews provided different feedback from each received. One peer found my site a little busy while the other loved the way it was presented.  A third rubric was provided although not included in this blog post from one other peer because I marked 4 blogs in total.   It was suggested that I reverse the blog format however, that is not possible because blogs file in chronological order.  I forgot to add my name clearly which has been rectified and am glad that was pointed out!    It seems I have taken a different approach with my reflections than most peers, incorporating the key information at the end of each topic where I felt I was getting the most value. I made three draft attempts over the duration of this assessment before settling on the first drafts.   Each blog was word counted and I believe that the majority of postings are 200 +/- 10% at a total of approximately 1320 words spread across this blog overall. There was so much information blogging became an all-consuming exercise at times. I thoroughly enjoyed presenting a blog for assessment.

Peer marking by Brooke

Peer marking by Sonya


Notes; Peers marked blogs using a rubric provided which has helped gain valuable experience in providing student feedback.   This blog has undergone many changes since it’s creation, and further changes over the course of the peer marking period. This exercise was challenging to say the least, providing honest, constructive feedback is not easy.  To be noted, I marked 4 blogs in total, helping out peers that seemed to have lost their group at the last minute.  I did not request a rubric in return because I had already received the two necessary for assessment criteria although one peer did provide a rubric it is not attached.


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