Evaluating Technologies and Online Resources – week 10

Week 10 Activity:  The Technology Integration Matrix (TIM)Evaluating Socrative as an educational app. using three rubrics provided in the unit content.

Word.docx. link to Rubric 1 evalipad_content
Word.docx. link to Rubric 2 iPad Evaluation Questions
Word.docx. link to Rubric 3 Selection Rubric_Scoring Rubric



©2011-2014 Kathleen Schrock (kathy@kathyschrock.net) iPads for Teaching site: http://ipads4teaching.net

What is the title of the app? Socrative_
Cost:  Free_
Size of app (MB)_4.9MB each Teacher & Student version

Creator of the app ___Socrative Inc_______________________
Content area(s): ____Quiz, Questionnaires, Polls, Short answers. Grade level(s): __K-12______

Curriculum connection: Are the skills reinforced connected to targeted skill/concept? Y
Authenticity: Are skills practiced in an authentic format/problem-based environment? Y
Feedback: Is feedback specific and result in improved student performance? Y
Differentiation: Does the app offers flexibility to alter settings to meet student needs? N
User friendliness: Can students launch and navigate within the app independently? Y
Student motivation: Are students motivated to use the app and select it to use often? Y
Reporting: Is assessment/summary data available electronically to the student/teacher? Y
Sound: Does the music/sound in the app add to the educational aspects of the content? N/A
Instructions: Are the instructions included helpful and the correct reading level for the student? Y
Support page: Does the app’s supporting Web page provide additional useful information? Y
Navigation: Does the app use the touchscreen effectively throughout its use? Y
Modalities: Are multiple versions of instructions such as text video, and audio, included? Y

Level(s) of Bloom’s Taxonomy addressed with this app (check all that apply)

Y Remembering Y Understanding Y Applying Y Analyzing Y Evaluating Creating
What CCSS or state/local standard(s) can this app address?  

This app could be used as a tool for ALL subjects.

Summary of the app
Using the data you have collected above, explain why you would or would not recommend this application for use in the classroom. Include any specific ideas you have for its use.
Highly recommended. The app speaks for itself. Socrative is a SMART tool that can be used during the lesson or as an extracurricular activity to answer questions or write short answers. Students log in under the class ID as individuals or groups and reply to teacher’s quizzes, questions or polls. It is available to download for free on smartphones, tablets and laptops.
iTunes Application Ratings

(click on ratings while in the App Store to learn more)

4+ 9+ 12+

Student version 14 r.

Teacher version

0 r.


©2011-14. Kathy Schrock. All rights reserved. Permission to reproduce for classroom use granted.




iPad App Evaluation Guiding Questions

 Education Apps


  • For what age group(s) is the application appropriate? K -12
  • How would a teacher incorporate the application into the classroom? Can easily be incorporated into the lesson by answering questions as the lesson progressed or at the end of the lesson for review.
  • Does this app allow you to do something you were unable to do in the past? Reports are generated and results graded automatically. Repots will show areas of learning that need revision. The SMART apps are a new EDTECH and does incorporate a new engaging assessment tool into the classroom.
  • Does the app address more than one learning style (visual, auditory, kinesthetic)? The app uses text and graphics.
  • Can more than one user account be set up? Teachers and Students download different apps that are programmed to work in conjunction with each other. Students can log in as individuals or create groups for tasks.
  • Does the app allow for progress monitoring of multiple users? The app reports to the teacher automatically and saves a digital copy. The teacher can monitor the progress of individual students, groups or the class as a whole. Real time feedback is also provided to students.
  • Can student data be sent to the teacher or parent via email? Yes, email functionality is available.
  • How much instruction will need to be provided on use of the app? Limited instruction is required to use the app. It is very straightforward.
  • Will the app meet the needs of all students in the class or will it be used with a specific subgroup? The app would meet all students needs except for blind handicap.
  • Does the app provide enough positive reinforcement to hold the interest of the students? The app provides real time feed back to students so they are able to monitor their progress. The app can be downloaded on smartphones, tablets or laptops, it is a very engaging and quick response app for education.

Utility/organization Apps


  • How will this help a teacher organize and manage information in the classroom? It is claimed this app is the beginning of the paperless classroom. Teachers copy/paste into the app. Teachers reports are automatically saved, Students are able to review their answers and feedback.
  • How will this app help you to work smarter, not harder? Teacher collaboration is the key, sharing quizzes and tweaking them to suit a lesson will be very easy.
  • Does the app have an easy to use format? Socrative is a very easy to use app for both teacher and student.
  • How would this app benefit students? Socrative can be downloaded on any smartphone, tablet or laptop, there is real time feedback, no writing or notetaking is necessary, they can access the app from anywhere they have internet connection to complete new tasks or review previous work.



Mobile Application Selection Rubric

Aligned to Common Core Standards (CCS) Documentation aligns app to CCS App is loosely tied to CSS App is not aligned to CSS Teacher has flexibility of data input
Content presents in random order Content is randomized; every game is new App has several levels; Students will recognize game after play App can be played once; same content repeated New content/data is uploaded by teacher
Engaging Students will definitely like this Students will probably like this Students will not enjoy this Students can use this app on their mobile technology
Levels of difficulty App will meet needs of all classroom groups App has more than one

level of difficulty

App has one level

of difficulty

Data/content is flexible
Meets my students’ needs Students really need this content App will be fun for students, but not generally needed Students don’t need this content A quick learning tool that can be used in class or as an extra curricular activity
Platform matches school equipment App works with existing technology App will work with some of school’s technology App isn’t formatted to work with school’s technology Download onto any smart- phone, laptop or tablet.
Research-based Research-base is included with the app Seems like there may be research to support this; I will need to find it No research base for this app R&D has been very thorough and is similar to the SMART clickers used in the US
Scholastic presentation App is very academic; supports serious learning App isn’t academic but has some learning value App is a cute, fun game but little academic value Academic value is determined by teacher content
Self-correcting Feedback is provided; student either repeats work or is given instruction for learning Feedback indicates right/wrong answer, then game proceeds No feedback is provided Real time feedback is provided to students as they answer right/wrong questions.
Various modes of play App allows for multiple players

as well as play for different needs

App may be only used with a group Single player only Students can answer teachers questions or as a group.

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