Kiran Bir Sethi lets “kids take charge” – week 9

Week 9 Activity: The nature of schooling in a digital age.

Kiran Bir Sethhi’s approach with children; kids taking charge.

Kiran displays excitement and enthusiasm for her pedagogy method. The ‘I-Can’ mindset she speaks about is an awesome approach to educating young children, it is empowering and yes, contagious. Child labour has only recently been abolished (pfft) and the country has had a moderate attendance rate at schools. Government schools would still have the upper hand, however, the greater control private educators have over 6-14year old children (6-14 are the primary school ages), the higher the chances are of spurring the economic growth for the country.

I chose Kiran’s video’s over the others (second in line were the liberal arts videos’s) because I believe this is the foundation of education.  Not only is this a sound pedagogy for India but for all over the world!

“I believe children CAN and WILL do anything
they have the freedom to do, and not because teacher said so”

“I CAN” is a pedagogy that will not outdate and come what may; skills learned will build a deep passion for life-long learning, a strong sense of self-identity and responsible global citizens..

Below is a link to the PREZI for this week’s task and following are TED talks “12 videos based on re-imagining school” Kiran Bir Sethi’s presentation about kids taking charge is Number 11 if you would like to watch it.

week 9 prezi

Prezi: Kids, take charge.

12 TED video based on re-imagining school



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