Digital Identities, Exploring Digital Footprints – week 2

Week 2 Topic:
Digital Identities, Exploring Digital Footprints.   What can the world find out about you through a google search? What is your digital identity?

I try to keep my digital identity very private. If you search Google there is not much listed about me under my maiden name and what is publicly available on the net from facebook or social media is very limited and ultimately nothing that would bother me. There are so many Christine Young’s listed in my searches it would be pot luck or sheer persistence to find me in amongst them. I do a search at least once a year out of interest to see if any of my information is out there in the world wide web.

In the google searches, seemed to be able to pick up a lot of profiles but when clicked to follow link it didn’t go to the page but asked for a log in.

Admittedly, I do have accounts with all the popular social media sites to keep up with technology. Often it’s just to try them out and see what they are and to stay in touch with family, mostly nephews and nieces; twitter, myspace which I don’t really use, facebook, pintrest, google+ , youtube. I use other media such as skype, messenger, Instagram, viber, and maybe a couple other things I can’t think of right now or remember. Sometimes I don’t even know which accounts I have until I see a friend’s link or post to prompt me. Nor do I know how to use them all properly, I’m quite a novice user but I always read up on security and privacy settings.

If I had to assess my own digital identity I would say my profiles represent a spiritual family woman who’s main focus is on her children. My friends list is around the average users number of friends that are family and close friends, I don’t accept friendships from people I don’t know and am not afraid to have good clean out a couple of times a year to make room for other people I have more in common with. There are a lot of peeps and trolls which often need to be filtered out. I am a member of several groups and occasionally go on a clicking frenzy liking every page and post I see. I used to post on FB everyday a few years ago but now you’re lucky to see me on there every 3 days or so. It’s very easy to lose time in cyber world but the friends made along the way are worth it.

Week 2 Activity:
Create a magazine style digital footprint of someone famous.

are you still a belieber???
Magazine Article

PAGE HEADER IMAGE Retrieved from

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