Twitter in the Classroom

Twitter as an educational platform and technology.

The value of technology in the classroom is proportional to the type of usage.

There is no escaping the use of digital technology by students in the classroom. Personal use is minimized during the class by engaging students in the lesson via; # (hashtag) conversations, hyperlinks from the teacher, subject or discussion re-tweeting, @students or group attention, following trends and incorporating tweet deck or seesmec; all these will help build stronger connections in the classroom.

Watch Eduslam’s first episode about how twitter is used in the classroom with 6-7year olds.

Out of the classroom, assignments and presentations are worked on by groups with each student participating from home. Reading and math tutorials are readily available, and should the student not attend school they can stay up to date through the classroom # updates or lists.

The net is a much quicker research tool than the library but has many ethical and legal considerations that must be adhered to if it is going to be successful as a knowledge data base for students. Classroom students using school devices can be somewhat controlled by filtering software in the computer systems however the use of personal tablets, notebooks, and smartphones allows for distractions and are able to ignore the class ethical standards outlined by the teacher.

Teachers will need a strong knowledge base of the ethical and legal uses of digital technology in the classroom.



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