Disconnected Urbanism. What is a Digital World? – week 1

Week 1 Activity:
Have you experienced disconnected urbanism. Do you often go about your day without taking notice of where you are? Do you ever feel as though people around you are disconnected?

My response to Goldbergers article on Disconnected Urbanism – Metropolis Magazine – February 2007.

I was a victim of disconnected urbanism. My workload demanded intensive telephone use and for relaxation I would mostly use apps and social media. Some days I would lose hours on end. My usage changed when I had my first child and started to observe how families socialised and I noticed how disconnected people are from each other on a face-to-face basis.

I went through a stage when there just wasn’t enough time for my family and my social media. Prioritising, I was able to easily disconnect from the digital world by changing my lifestyle, using it now on an ‘only when necessary’ basis because for me, a phone call or social media message can wait. Using a digital mobile device of any kind is somewhat addictive and also a necessary evil in todays’ digital world and it needs to be controlled. I found that I still do not get to speak to all of my friends on a face-to-face basis.





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